“Vaginal Birth After Cesarian”

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judy fremoJudy had appeared at our gentle birth and medical centre for treatment. She was pregnant and when the doctor tried to persuade her to come for subsequent prenatal and birth care she was hesitant. Probably due to what she calls “improper care, she had lost confidence and trust in health set up care emanating from awful approach carried forward from her past experience (A visit to one expert on the possibility of Vaginal Birth, she was discouraged, “Once a cesarian always a cesarian”. the doctor said without caring and on he face. It kind of smacked. She believes most of them are not in the interest of women desires, needs and expectations. She had her first baby via cesarian in one of the mission centre in town. She had wished, hoped and prayed that her second baby if by miracle she would deliver normally-vaginal. Her second pregnancy was handled with precaution and change of caregivers. One decision she was sure of, the care at FreMo might prove to be the care that would propel her to her desired end. She was right, she presented herself, her faith and mother nature conspired to her needs and in the end she is the queen. Congratulations Judy and we stand with you all the way.
Our care is that of advocating for normal natural births, gentleness, compassion, skilful care, autonomy, birthing in comfortable positions and the welcome of companions for support but also in many cases we have cases of VBAs, shoulder dystocia, Breech births and twin deliveries. (Story shared with Permission from Mama and Family).

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