Dorine’s Postpartum “Home Birth Trauma”

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Social Justice During Pregnancy and Birth. In segmented parts of our world today, for most women seeking proper maternal care, the care remains a nightmare putting into ridicule to shame the millions of dollars invested in the name of eradication of infant … Read More

“While Men Have Become Warlords, Mothers Are Peace Lords”.

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Today marked another milestone in celebrating the passion in better birth care to the New Mothers of the world coming from the larger Kawangware community. With humility and inspiration, it is factual the aftermath of the gentle care and its … Read More

Newborns: Reducing Mortality

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The FreMo Outreach Program is a success story. Key Facts From The World Health Organization. • Every year nearly 40% of all under-five child deaths are among newborn infants, babies in their first 28 days of life or the neonatal … Read More