“How can I help? We are all capable!”

Have you have been wondering, “How can I be involved and be part of this inspiring care that has achieved significant success in reducing maternal costs, complications, and infant mortality rate and containing maternal deaths with Safety, Skills, Compassion and dignity?” Yes You Can!


1. Volunteering Your Skills:  The care is incomplete without the presence of skills without which the whole care would be compromised. You can volunteer as midwife, doula, or childbirth educator. You can contribute towards the maintenance of the midwife and other caregivers. This also includes continued training, materials and provision of manuals and charts for reference.
2. Supplies: You can contribute towards the provision of birthing essentials. These include birthing kits, sutures, gloves, syringes, lubricants and etc. linens, towels, doppler, blood pressure machines and other equipment. Through mobilization from organizations, donations from hospitals and other midwives you can collect and dispatch through postage or you can inquire from friends or social media of persons travelling to Kenya to accompany them.
3. Fuel and Van Maintenance Kit: Transport is very critical in endeavor to meet successful care. The hospital van is needed for emergency transfer, coming in for birth and discharge including midwife outreach programs. You can commit to donate for the van’s monthly maintenance and fueling costs.
4. Utility Kit: The electricity is very critical in. At night for lightning, for warming mama and infant, boiling water for after birth clamps in the water bottle, hot showers after birth. The electricity costs are overwhelming. You can contribute towards solar installation or cheap clean sources of energy. Water bills are less costly as comparable to energy.
5. Baby clothes, blankets and hats Kit: A number of mothers arrive in labour without ever carrying a towel. By donating towards the baby blanket kit you would save tens of tens of babies who are exposed to coldness immediately after birth and going home clad in nakedness. Alternatively, you can send donations that can buy second hand baby clothes down the market at Kawangware. Another option is to collect clothes and carry a garage sale to send the dollars to buy at the local market cheaply.
6. Public Relations and Awareness: You can take responsibility in promoting awareness about FreMo, its missions, success stories, and its needs in exhibitions and other conferences at home and abroad.
7. Information Technology: This would be helpful to be able to provide technical skills on our website, support page and social media platforms.
8. Coordinating and organizing for FreMo to be represented to participate in events and forums, conferences and exhibitions. This would achieve the need to share and take FreMo Care all around the world.
9. Grant writing and Proposals: The needs of FreMo are varying and the aspiration to reach every woman with other caregivers around the world ever burning. This is achievable through partnership with other like minded organization that includes midwives. To identify which organization are to be involved to partner and their role in filling the gap that FreMo calls for.
10. Pen Pals: You can coordinate with children in your local school to link them with the pupils at our elementary school. This can include student exchange programs.
11. Educational Fund! To support the clinic staff to further studies, attend educative conferences and have opportunity to share their care with other midwives and doctors. The kit will also support the struggling children at school.
12. FreMo Collection Point /Coordinating Point. You can be a local collection point for kind donations in your local area or city. You can then identify individuals (humanitarian or tourists) travelling to Nairobi and kindly request them to accompany the donations. On arrival they can receive them at the airport
13. Fundraising skills online, such as crowd funding and other platforms.
14. Sponsor a kid at School. You can pledge donation to go towards educating a child at our elementary school.
15. Project Skills! You can be able to establish reliable and relevant projects and their viability within the community and then forward those for proposal writing and subsequent grant sourcing.
16. Regular donation. You can subscribe recurring monthly donation for example a contribution of $5 to go towards the specific need of choice.
17. FreMo Birth: Provide for a family delivery package fee.
18. School learning Materials; Books, story books, children bibles, games kits etc.
19. Volunteering in teaching
20. Teaching Exchange programs.

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to know your donation is going to directly help the women, men and children of the Kawangware community.

Any amount helps. Please choose one of the options below.

YOUR CHOICE: Donate whatever amount you choose.



FAMILY BIRTH: $100 pays all the expenses for a mother to birth her child, antenatal care, post natal care, and well baby visit. CLICK HERE TO DONATE for FAMILY BIRTH

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CHILD EDUCATION: Pay for one or many children to go to school for the year at FreMo Elementary School. Moffat has the vision that not only will these women birth their children in a safe haven, but they will also have the opportunity to be educated. Allowing them to thrive and be empowered for the future of the community.

fremo kids