Fremo calls for our prayers and support.

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Moffat OsoroAs many already know, Moffat Osoro, the co-founder of FreMo Birth Centre and Fremo Elementary School, Nairobi, has been very ill with severe and debilitating health issues for several days. Moffat is the manager and administrator of the clinic (and school), which has achieved remarkable birthing outcomes for over 5 years now, embracing normal births keeping intervention at the minimal. This has been achieved by minimal resources to ensure each mama who seeks better, dignified maternal care participates and is discharged honourably to go home through their advocacy of social justice for all.

Moffat, the architect, planner, and resource allocator is recuperating and therefore calls for our prayers and support during this healing time.

Thankfully, he is now under treatment, waiting to restore his health. His commitment, passion and love go beyond any other including no off duties, no fringe benefits and sometimes no salary.

At this particular time, the folks at the centre invite our support in whichever we can. A dollar in this part of the world saves a life. It was quite expensive to cover his medical bills, remember there is no universal medical cover in Kenya.

Kindly share and help FreMo with as much or as little as you can, as we pray for Moffat to get back on his feet, to continue the passion of ensuring the clinic runs as normal as possible and continues to be sustainable through his magical humanitarian prowess.

Please click below to help, or look for the DONATE tab on our website.


Asante sana.


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