It is five years since the medical clinic was set up by two young men, Fred and Moffat, brothers and partners in this great venture. A few years ago they were joined by Australian midwife Vicki Chan and together, they set up the Birth Centre and changed the way birth happened and thus the lives of the women and families of Kawangware.

They now boast birth outcomes comparable in safety to any Western birthplace as measured by maternal and neonatal mortality while keeping intervention and complications to an astonishing low.

All this has been achieved with a bare minimum of funds which, supported by friends and family back in Australia, has seen the clinic grow and now able to offer running water, reliable electricity, linen, soap, toilets, and a shower.

Fremo Birth and Medical Centre is growing with beautiful births. As word gets around more and more women are coming to us for their care. As the numbers grow, so does our need for facilities.

In the last 24 months we have refurbished 3 new birth rooms. Nothing extravagant. But will change the lives of these beautiful women, children and families.








FREMO Kenya (Australia) has applied for nonprofit, DGR status within Australia. We are an organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in the Kawangware community of Kenya. We are committed to reducing perinatal mortality rates by creating culturally competent and sustainable birth centers using the midwifery model of care.

We view access to health care, maternity care, and education as a basic human right.

Our primary goal is to improve reproductive healthcare and reduce perinatal mortality in areas with the highest burden of mortality.

The UNFPA estimates that 80% of babies are born into the hands of traditional midwives in rural areas. We see it as imperative to protect the role of these midwives while creating effective models for reduction of perinatal mortality. We work alongside traditional midwives to provide comprehensive maternal health care and education within a model that is sustainable for the local communities.


Fremo Birth Centre is a locally sustained maternity and resource centre, staffed by local midwives, doctors and employees.

Fremo clinic provides:

  • Education and support groups for pregnant women;
  • Comprehensive prenatal care both on-site and through mobile outreach programs into the community
  • Family Planning Services, STI testing and treatment, HIV Counseling and treatment.
  • Labor support and medical care;
  • Postpartum care;
  • Transport to and from clinic for laboring mothers and postpartum families;
  • Ambulance services for emergencies;
  • Education and support of traditional midwives.

When a woman comes to our clinic, she joins a community committed to maternal health; she has a network of support to answer her questions, counseling to work through trauma from violence or domestic abuse, prenatal screening for potential risk factors, medicine to treat illness and infection, and a phone number for a vehicle that will pick her up in labor.

Once in labor women are brought to our clean and always staffed clinic, given one on one care throughout delivery and post partum, have access to emergency medicine and skilled midwives, access to an ambulance for emergency transport, are given food and clean water in labor, and given at least 12-24 hours of post partum care before being driven home.

Our outcomes are significantly better than national averages and we attribute this to holistic and attentive midwifery care.


Women do not need to pay to receive services at FreMo Birth Centre but we encourage them to involve themselves in a project that contributes to the financial sustainability of the clinic.

The food that is grown in our gardens goes into the clinic kitchen to feed pregnant, laboring and post partum mamas.

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