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Fremo calls for our prayers and support.
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As many already know, Moffat Osoro, the co-founder of FreMo Birth Centre and Fremo Elementary School, Nairobi, has been very ill with severe and debilitating health issues for several days. Moffat is the manager and administrator of the clinic (and … Read More

Achieving Maternal Empowerment – One Woman’s Inspiring Story
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She walked in, a bright Saturday morning full of anxiety. You could tell this woman was nervous probably out of emotions and therefore very scared. She had been at the reception where she, fortunately, was warmly received and ushered. This … Read More

Dorine’s Postpartum “Home Birth Trauma”
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Social Justice During Pregnancy and Birth. In segmented parts of our world today, for most women seeking proper maternal care, the care remains a nightmare putting into ridicule to shame the millions of dollars invested in the name of eradication of infant … Read More